Yearbook Information

For Yearbook students,

You know the expectations for the class. If you need the syllabus, here you go >> fall-2016-yearbook-syllabus. This class is treated like a business, so if anyone on the yearbook staff misrepresents the school, let me know ASAP.

Here is our first deadline information page >> checklist-for-yearbook-1st-deadline-2016.


  • November 7th (November 21st)
  • November 28th (December 12th)
  • January 2nd (January 16th)
  • January 30th (February 6th)
  • February 13th (February 27th)
  • April 24th (April 10th)

Please remember to keep all cameras and other technology in the best shape possible. A special thanks to the PTSA for supplying 2 new SD cards for our staff. Thank you!


Senior Ad information:

Click 2017adflyer for the pdf format.

Order by October 3rd: Full Page ($400.00), 1/2 page ($200.00), and 1/4 page ($100.00)

Extended until October 31st >> Order by October 24th : Full Page ($450.00), 1/2 page ($250.00), and 1/4 page ($150.00)

Extended until November 14th again! 


Senior Credentials (Quote)

Please turn in your quote to Mrs. Hoover (Ms. Thomas) in room 306 to be featured in the yearbook.


To purchase your Yearbook, please visit this link:

The price of the yearbook will change according to the following dates:

August 27th- October 7th: $85.00

October 8th- February 10th: $90.00

February 11th – May 1st: $100.00



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